"Yes You Can" is a Tunisian language school specialized in English teaching, founded in 2015 in Bardo, Tunis with subsidiaries in Ben Arous, Sousse, Sfax and Gabes, covering the entire Tunisian territory. "Yes You Can" offers 6 levels of English learning and is distinguished by an original and effective approach to teaching English. In fact, the teaching approach of "Yes You Can" is based on a particular technique of focusing on listening, expression and practice rather than on grammar and conjugation. This technique allows students to communicate effectively in English while spontaneously memorizing the rules of grammar and conjugation (tenses).

"Yes You Can" is open for all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and for all ages. Each registered candidate will take a FREE level test.


Experienced teachers:

Trainers of "Yes You Can" are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English as a second language. They have a long career of teaching English in international training centers and are all trained to use the latest techniques in teaching English. Our teachers will make learning English a fun experience through a variety of activities and clubs.


"Yes You Can" offers general English courses with a particular focus on communication. English instruction at "Yes You Can" is spread over 6 levels from beginner to advanced. The assignment of students is done according to a free level test applied before each beginning of a training session (Each session lasts 3 months).

The English courses offered by "Yes You Can" are coupled with a set of interesting and fun activities that will turn the learning of English into a real pleasure!


English courses at "Yes You Can":

The language learning method of "Yes You Can" is based on the way an individual learns his native language naturally by speaking and practicing. From the beginning of your training at "Yes You Can", you will only listen to English and you will start practicing it immediately.You will not have to memorize "stupidly" the rules of grammar and conjugation, because, that will be done by time and practice. This method has proven its effectiveness according to multiple testimonials from former students of "Yes You Can".



 Activities and clubs of "Yes You Can":

"Yes You Can" offers its students fun activities to motivate them and transform their learning experience into a real pleasure and entertainment! Singing and karaoke clubs, cinema, discussion (English Coffee), theater, hiking ... "Yes You Can" does its best to arouse the interest of its students and offer a powerful training in English with communicative orientation.


"Yes You Can" is among the few language schools in Tunisia that specialize in teaching only one language, which is the English language. As a result, "Yes You Can" fully utilizes its expertise, knowledge and know-how to ensure a high quality of English education. This specialization strategy, coupled with an original and effective method of teaching, allowed "Yes You Can" to be one of the leaders in Tunisia in the field of English language teaching.


Partnerships with schools in the United Kingdom:

"Yes You Can" is practically the only Tunisian language school that has signed exchange and partnership agreements with prestigious language schools in the UK. Thus, it offers the opportunity to its laureate students to benefit from language study holidays in Great Britain for a week to improve their spoken English skills.

This international partnership also enriches the expertise of "Yes You Can" by providing its teaching staff with the latest methods and techniques of teaching the English language.


Learning English at "Yes You Can": a real pleasure!

Because learning a foreign language could seem difficult and boring for some people, "Yes You Can" adopts a constructive and motivating strategy of English teaching. In addition to the classical English courses, "Yes You Can "offers its students fun activities to arouse their interest and transform their learning experience into a real pleasure and entertainment!

These activities are offered through communication oriented clubs, which aims to practice English in an enchanting environment of sharing and exchange. Among the clubs of "Yes You Can", we cite: Karaoke Club, English Coffee, Cinema Club....